What I Ate Wednesday #1

You know what YOU ate today….but aren’t you sometimes just a teensy bit curious what other people scarf on a regular basis? What I ate Wednesday is a mini food journal where I’ll tell you about my day. The goal here is to reflect on my eating habits, spot changes that occur as a result of my schedule or mood, and maybe learn a little about myself in the process. It’s NOT about judgment or guilt, and it’s just for fun!  I will pick a random day each week to highlight what I shoved in my pie-hole. Warning: it may not always be super-exciting.

Here’s my day:

My usual morning, 2 cups of coffee with French vanilla creamer and Truvia

Lunch: Ground turkey with broccoli, tomatoes, red and orange peppers (with a little hot sauce for good measure), blueberries & raspberries, and carrots

Mid-afternoon snack:
Braeburn apple

Snack #2: A handful of mixed nuts (cashews, almonds, pecans, brazil nuts, macadamia nuts)

Post-workout recovery: 1 cup skim milk with Hershey’s chocolate syrup (I’ll be sure to explain this in a future post)

Dinner: 2 turkey-stuffed red bell peppers (recipe to follow) and a dark chili chocolate square for dessert.

What did YOU eat today? Was it typical, or out of the ordinary?

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