Ike’s Food and Cocktails

A hot Sunday morning calls for a bike ride…it’s pretty much a summer tradition in our house. This time around it was much more about the destination than the workout…but 300 some odd calories burned is a nice bonus. We decided on a leisurely ride to downtown Minneapolis for lunch, and met up with some friends at Ike’s Food and Cocktails.

This was one of those times that I really wished I liked bloody Marys. Mike chose Ike’s because so many reviews said they had the BEST bloodys in town. This thing is truly epic. A meal in a glass “garnished” with celery, pickled asparagus, lime, pepperoncini, black olive, green olive, onion, baby pickle, cheese, beef stick, and a jumbo shrimp…yes, really. somehow they make all of this stuff fit in a glass. Oh, and there’s vodka and tomato juice in there too.


The waitress walked over and put a sticky bun bigger than my head on the table. We looked at her with confused stares and said that there must be some mistake, as we definitely did not order THIS:

Apparently, anyone who comes in for food between 10AM and 2PM on the weekends gets a free one. wHaAaT? There’s no need to order food after you stuff a loaf of bread, stick of butter, and cup of sugar into your pie hole. Okay, so I may have indulged a little…and paid for it with a tummy ache later.

Our friends all opted for the Aji Tuna sandwich – a beautiful, thick piece of fish cooked perfectly medium rare. Yum.

Hubby was debating and mentioned possibly getting a burger. Someone at the table behind us felt so strongly that these were the BEST BURGERS IN THE TWIN CITIES that he turned around to gloat about their deliciousness. This helped him make up his mind and he was not disappointed by this:

By the time we got around to ordering, I had a tummy ache (see bad-decision-giant-sticky-bun reference above). So I just went for a “cup” of chili. Note that a cup at Ike’s is more like a crock, so no need to order the bowl!  The chili was so-so…but we are biased toward our own recipes so maybe I’m not the right person to provide an official chili review.

The Bottom Line

I was pleasantly surprised with the charming atmosphere at Ike’s –  nice large bar, funny quotes on the wall – for some reason I had pictured more of a dive. If I had a bigger appetite, I would definitely go back and try their Saturday/Sunday brunch buffet or a burger. Other than those items, there wasn’t much on their small menu that jumped out at me.

Yum rating: 7/10

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