The Best Health & Fitness SmartPhone Apps

With smartphones now incessantly attached to our palms everywhere we go, there are no excuses for not paying attention to our food intake and fitness goals. There’s an app (or several) for that!

Here are just a few of my favorite smartphone apps that are super helpful to keep you on track (bonus: they ALL have a free version):

Cardiotrainer: This is by far my most-used app on my phone and the reason my battery is always dead. It allows you to keep record of each and every workout (walking, running, swimming, golfing, dancing, biking, racquetball, spinning, tennis, even yard work (?)). I use this almost every day. It is especially helpful when logging my training workouts to make sure I fit them all in. It even posts a total weekly count of your calories burned in your top notifications bar. My favorite feature is that it records and maps your distance – if you have your headphones on, it will give you speed and distance updates every couple of minutes. I love this for my runs so I know when I should turn around and head back…and when I need to pick up the pace!

MyFitnessPal: This app is a saving grace for anyone trying to lose weight, or simply learn more about the foods they are eating. I lost 20 lbs last year and religiously entered my meals into this tool. Yes, there are other ways to count calories…but this app makes the process nearly effortless. It certainly provides a wake-up call when you learn that your favorite Starbuck’s mocha is contributing 500 calories toward your daily intake…and this knowledge can help you make better choices. You can search for nearly any food item in their database.

Gympact: Although I’ve never used it, I think this is such an ingenious concept! For those people who sign up for a gym membership and NEVER GO, how about giving yourself a monetary incentive!?  You first decide how many days per week you want to go to the gym, and assign yourself a penalty of at least $5 if you don’t make it. The app has over 40,000 gyms in its database, and you get credit for checking in. If you do meet your goals, you are rewarded with $$, which comes from the lazy users who are penalized. What a great idea!

HIIT Interval Training Timer: High intensity interval training (HIIT), also known as sprint training, helps you burn lots of calories in a very short period of time (under 30 minutes). This app is pretty slick, and allows you to select your prep time, interval length, rest time, and number of rounds, then it times your total workout. A great idea that can be used with running, biking, or any other cardiovascular activity.

Fooducate: This app helps take the guesswork out of nutrition labels. Take it with you to the grocery store and scan a product’s barcode to learn the good, the bad, and the ugly about its contents. It will tell you the number of calories per serving, and assign it an A-D rating based on its beneficial qualities. It also provides advice on more healthy choices…like having a dietician in your pocket!

Workout trainer: This thing ROCKS for those without a gym membership, or for days where you’re on the road and aren’t sure what workout to do.  The app has over 1,000 different exercises and workout combinations to choose from and you can listen to digital audio instructions and tips on each exercise. Choose from categories like cardio, full body, yoga, arms, butt & legs, strength, etc. You can pay to upgrade to Pro for even more programs and training advice.

What are YOUR favorite health/fitness apps?  Any great ones that I have missed? Please let me know in the comments!

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