Grilled Bell Pepper Breakfast Cups with Egg and Chorizo

We can’t take credit for creating this ingenious recipe, but it was far too enticing not to try. This is adapted from MDA.

It happened to be raining out, so we decided to try grilling these indoors on our 2nd favorite kitchen tool – our cast iron grill plate (obviously, the cast iron skillet is #1).  Also, we skipped a couple steps and just purchased link chorizo at the grocery store, rather than making our own. Cheating? Maybe a little, but it makes for a much quicker cook time.

Serves: 2 -3/ Cook time: 30 minutes


  • 12 oz Mexican chorizo sausage (3 links)
  • 2 red bell peppers
  • 6 eggs


  1. If you’re using link chorizo, cut the casing lengthwise, remove the meat and discard the casing. Place chorizo into a skillet and brown on medium heat, chopping up into fine crumbles.  Warning: chorizo is SUPER YUMMY. Try to refrain from eating it all before you prep your peppers.
  2. While the chorizo is cooking, cut bell peppers in half from top to bottom and remove seeds.
  3. Place bell pepper halves on grill plate. If they are sitting wonky-like, take a toothpick and stab through the side so it will sit evenly.
  4. Crack an egg into each pepper half. Add 2 spoonfuls of chorizo on top.
  5. Scramble the last 2 eggs and pour egg mixture on top of the chorizo.
  6. Top off each pepper with 2 more spoonfuls of chorizo.
  7. Allow to cook until the eggs are no longer runny. Note: the peppers WILL char. This is normal. Using the indoor grill plate, we needed to tent the peppers with foil for the last 5 minutes for the egg to finish cooking.
  8. Remove from heat. Peel off any charred skin from the peppers before eating.
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