Pluots and Plumcots and Apriums, Oh My!

…Excuse me?

Yeah, that’s what I said too. When we noticed that “Pluots” were on sale at Cub Foods this weekend, we said, “Um, is that a fruit or what?”  Mike took a wild guess that it was a combination of plum, orange, and tangerine…good guess, but no.

We were simply too intrigued not to check out this new (to us) mystery fruit. So off to the grocery store we went. We were surprised to learn that the Pluot is not alone…it has friends. Namely, the Plumcot and the Aprium. Yes…really. Being slightly confused, we decided to try both some Pluots and some Plumcots (Just saying these names still makes me laugh).

Ok, Ashley. WTF are these things?

Each of these three hybrid fruits are all unique combinations of plums and apricots. Pluots and Plumcots display more plum-like characteristics, with a smooth exterior and a fairly mild taste (I liked the Pluot better). Apriums have a tougher exterior and contain a higher fructose concentrate than the other two varieties. They are more resembling of an apricot.

Genetically Modified Mutant Fruit?

Nope.  You can munch on these juicy treats without worrying that you’re in the middle of some science experiment. They were initially developed by a fruit breeder using a process called hybridization (or “selective breeding”), which is generally used to create healthier crops, or in this case…new flavors.  During this process, the farmer takes seeds from plants that show the most favorable traits, and, over the course of many years or even decades, continues to breed that stock.  Conversely, A Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) is manufactured in a laboratory and absolutely cannot occur in nature. It completely changes the genetic code of the plant.

The Verdict

Both Pluots and Plumcots are A-maz-ing.  Seriously. They are super juicy (wear a bib), and have the tender consistency of a plum with a little more sweetness like an apricot. Yum. I am brainstorming so many different uses for these fruits – blend with ice and booze – BAM! Pluot-garita (note: future recipe idea. I need to patent the name!). Perhaps a Plumcot and walnut spinach salad with goat cheese?  The possibilities are endless!!! 🙂
What’s the strangest fruit you’ve ever tried? Any interesting or unusual hybrids? 

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