Fitness Friday 7/13

A recap of this week’s efforts to maintain a strong, healthy body.

Happy Friday the 13th!

5 days at the cabin last week equaled 6 lbs gained (seriously, yikes). I really wanted to get my butt in gear this week to get back to “normal”, but work has made it pretty difficult. 12-15 hour workdays (both jobs) this week on Tuesday, Thursday, (likely) Friday, and (just the one on) Sunday mean there hasn’t much time to squeeze in decent exercise. Bummer.

Saturday: We were still up at the cabin in Turtle Lake, Wisconsin for our 5-day 4th of July vacation. Last minute, I decided to participate in the 36th annual Turtle Trot 2-mile run on Saturday morning. There was also a 10K happening, but I passed on that this year. Too many Coronas the day before!

Sunday: Isn’t it strange that the last day of your vacation you feel completely wiped out? Shouldn’t it be the opposite after all of that relaxation? Not us. We drove back home from the cabin and did a little house cleaning, then lazed around for the rest of the afternoon.

Monday: P90x2 Shoulders & Arms and Ab Ripper X2. Ouch… I really need to get back into regularly working on my abs.

Tuesday: I lucked out and only had to work until 8pm, leaving me just enough sunlight for a 3 mile run around our neighborhood. Man, I love summer and its long days. The heat is even bearable once the sun has gone below the tree line.

Wednesday: I had every good intention of going to the gym, but it was just too darn nice outside!  So instead, Mike and I went for a quick bike ride before his tennis match and cranked out about 9 ½ miles in 38 minutes. I love that we both share a passion for fitness and that we can enjoy these kinds of activities together!  I then went home and did yard work for another hour or so. I am convinced that sidewalk sweeping is a fabulous core strengthener 🙂

My Bike!!


Thursday: Long day at work…didn’t get home until after 10pm. Ugh. I did get plenty of walking in, however.

How did YOUR workouts go this week? Do you plan things out in advance, or switch up your routine based on the weather?

photo credits: p90x2, night running

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