Turtle Lake Turtle Trot

We took an extended vacation over the 4th of July and relaxed at the family cabin in Turtle Lake, Wisconsin for a whopping 5 DAYS!  It was just what we needed to recharge our batteries, and the weather was PERFECT for being extremely lazy… 90+ degrees and super humid. We did lots of swimming (and floating) in the lake and even more lounging under big umbrellas.

Life. Is. Good.

We decided to actually shower and head into Turtle Lake for the carnival (inter-county fair weekend). The folks grabbed a corn dog and we had some cold beers while listening to a bad cover band. Around 11PM (and several beers in), I overheard that there was a “Turtle Trot” the next morning. For whatever reason, I decided that I was up for it. We then went home and proceeded to play dice for a couple of hours. Oops…

Not sure how I managed to grapple my way out of bed the next morning at 6:30. We headed down to the starting line and I registered on the spot for the 2-miler. Not surprisingly, I wasn’t feeling up for the 10K option 🙂

I learned that the Turtle Trot has been going on for 36 consecutive years. There was even one competitor there who had participated in ALL 36 races…WOW!  Small-town events are so much fun. I was probably one of the few foreigners who wasn’t from either Turtle Lake, Almena, or Cumberland, Wisconsin.

After some brief comedy, the gun fired and we took off…”Take a right at the farm house, go down to the end of the corn field, and turn around at the cone”…This couldn’t possibly be any more Wisconsin. Love it.

Since it was just a 2 miler, I decided to push my pace a little. Unfortunately, I was super dehydrated (from 4 days of drinking beer in the sun, no doubt), and I had a side ache pretty much from the start. I tried to ignore it the best I could and finished the race in 17:25.

I was the 9th place overall female out of a few hundred total participants. It was fun to people-watch and interesting to participate in a non-computerized race. The coordinators were surprisingly efficient at ranking the competitors; given all they had was a watch and stickers for each person. Makes sense…they’ve been doing it this way for 36 years.  If we’re in town for the carnival again next year, I’ll definitely do it again. Maybe next time I will be up for the 10K and will substitute a few Coronas with WATER the day before!


Have you ever decided to participate in an event at the last second? 



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