Fitness Friday 7/20

A recap of this week’s efforts to maintain a strong, healthy body.


Saturday: Woke up super early and dragged my loving husband all the way out to Mound for the Spirit of the Lakes 10k run – my first ever 10k!  I was pretty nervous but it actually went very well, despite lots of hills.

I hadn’t trained for the 10k, so my legs were completely wiped out afterwards. I decided to take Sunday off from exercise. I did work in the evening, so I got some walking in.

Did my upper body workout for the week…P90x shoulders & arms – one of my faves!

Tuesday: 13-hour workday. Sigh….

Somehow I convinced Mike to run the Torchlight 5k with me! This event was HUGE (we’re talking thousands of runners) and included a party afterwards. What a fun way to spend a Wednesday night.

Sprinting across the finish line

Thursday: Biked to the gym (4.1 miles, 19 min) with the intention of swimming. Unfortunately, I neglected to look at the class schedule and the Aquafit class had just started when I got there. hmph. Not my day. I was limited on options since I was wearing my clip-in bike shoes, so I decided to head over to the mats. Knocked out 100 pushups, some ab exercises, planks, and weighted leg lifts, then biked back home (4.1 miles, 19 min).

My Bike!!

Photo credits: leg pain, head meet desk

What did YOU do for exercise this week?  Are you meeting your health and fitness goals??

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