My Favorite Exercises – Weighted Leg Lifts

Gotta love a good butt-burner. Like many ladies, I tend to carry any extra poundage primarily on my butt and thighs. When I was going through my weight loss journey last year, nearly all 20 pounds I lost came right off my butt. So I’m always trying new exercises to work on that area and keep my booty as toned as possible.

These are some of my favorite moves. Yes, they are kind of old-school (they remind me of women in neon-colored leotards and tights for some reason), but they really work at isolating your glutes.

  1. Get down on all fours on your mat or other soft surface.
  2. Place a 5-10 lb weight or medicine ball in the pit of your knee and bend your leg at a 90 degree angle.
  3. Make sure your foot is flexed – heel skyward.
  4. Set 1: do 25 reps with a full range of motion – push your entire leg up (keeping knee at 90 degrees), then bring your knee down until it almost touches the floor. Move immediately into set 2 without stopping.
  5. Set 2: bring your knee down and through the space between your other knee and calf as far as you can, then bring your leg back up to the top (as you did in set 1). Repeat for 25 reps. Move immediately into set 3 without stopping.
  6. Set 3: Do the same move as set 1 only with a much smaller range of motion and at a faster speed. Keep your knee at least 12 inches from the floor and crank out 30 reps to finish the circuit.
  7. Childs pose to stretch out your glutes, then switch the weight to the other leg and repeat!

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what are your favorite glute-burning moves?

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