Fitness Friday 8/10

A recap of this week’s efforts to maintain a strong, healthy body.

Reminder: Go to yesterday’s post and register to win a free bottle of SportSense! I’m going to keep reminding you until the contest closes next Thursday…so you may as well do it now.

Saturday: we were in Chicago last weekend, so, aside from our food-centered 14-mile Bike Tour on Friday (noshing on deep dish pizza, cupcakes, and Chicago dogs – wow), there wasn’t much exercise to be had. Well, I suppose we did a decent amount of walking (note: don’t wear heels in Chicago. The L is always  one too many blocks away).

Sunday: Raise the roof if you love driving 7 hours on a beautiful, sunny, 80 degree day! No? Anyone?  We drove home from Chi-town on Sunday, ate a bunch of junk food along the way to keep ourselves entertained, and got home around 6:30pm. I was feeling antsy pantsy, so I planned on biking to the gym, only to find a ripped bike tube waiting for me. Craptastic. So instead I drove to the gym and swam ½ mile, then did a 3 mile run when I got home. It felt good to sweat a little after a long weekend of piggishness.

Monday: Rest day – met up with some buddies after work for a painting class. So much fun – I painted THIS and got to take it home!  What do you think? Don’t worry; I won’t quit my day job.

Tuesday: I headed to Lake Calhoun after work. Biked to the beach and hopped in. I am glad to have had the chance to practice open water swimming again. It’s soooo very different from the nice clear gym pool. And frankly, I SUCK at swimming so I could use all the practice I can get. I swam for about ½ hour (back and forth around the outside swimming buoys) while I waited for my biking buddy to get there. We hopped on our bikes and rode about 9 miles around Lake Harriet and Calhoun (2x). It’s nice to finally have a friend to ride and run with! Training alone gets boooo-ring.

Wednesday: We decided to keep our buddy system going. Jeff and I met up again after work and ran around the lake. An easy enough jog to chat the whole way made the time go by super-fast (and I didn’t even use my trusty ipod – success!). 4.7 mile run in 45 minutes.

Resting up for the triathlon on Sunday!

How did YOUR workouts go this week? How many rest days do you generally take before an event?

photo credits: heels, Calhoun

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