Ashley’s Weekly Link Roundup #8

Interesting and informative tidbits that I stumbled upon on the worldwide web this week…

Reminder: GO HERE and enter to win a free bottle of SportSense!

“Alcohol inspired refresher”…? What will they dream up next?

Think you’re doing yourself a favor by ordering a salad when dining out?  Be careful – here are 10 salads that have more calories than a Big Mac! (That does NOT mean the Big Mac is healthier…)


I’ll say it again – LADIES: LIFTING WEIGHTS WILL NOT MAKE YOU “BULKY”! But don’t listen to me. Read this (somewhat long-winded) article that explains the science behind lifting.


The Art of Manliness came up with a workout for us desk jockeys to help burn a few calories on the job. Although I’d probably only do these if I had an office with a door…

Zucchini Brownies. Yum. ‘Nuff said.


Ever try a sun jewel melon? Yeah me neither. Bring on the goofy fruits…

A new study says that a high fat meal before your race could help boost endurance.

When in doubt, do as the Olympians do. Here are some moves that will tone up your trouble areas.

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