Ashley’s 55 Workout

I was incredibly inspired by The 99 Workout. I loved the format of it…even the repetitiveness. The fact that the workout repeated itself over and over wasn’t even an issue. Just getting closer to the end made me more motivated to complete it. Before I knew it, an hour was up and I was a big sweaty puddle. Love it.

So, needless to say, I decided to copycat and create my own similar workout. Let me present to you, Ashley’s 55 workout. Let me know what you think.

I came home from work on Tuesday and put this together in my basement while watching season 8 of Friends  on DVD (the one where Monica and Chandler get married!). I recommend you do the same…or not. Your choice.

Here it is:

A couple of tips: 

– Switch up the crunches (Regular, Knees up, Obliques, Reverse, etc.) to work different muscle groups.

– Same goes for the alternating lunges. Switch it up with reverse lunges, side lunges, and forward lunges (even add a kick) to target different glute/quad muscles.

– For the shoulder presses, I started out with a 5lb weight and increased it to an 8lb weight from the 33 section on. Just remember that 55 reps is a LOT and you have quite a few sets left to go. pace yourself 🙂

– Kill the  mountain climbers. Get your knees as close to your nose and/or ears as possible. You’ll get a great workout on your arms, shoulders, core, and legs all at once.

– If you aren’t sure how to complete these exercises, click here to learn how to do a Burpee and here to learn how to do a Mountain Climber.

Hope you guys enjoy….Let me know what you think! 

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2 thoughts on “Ashley’s 55 Workout

  1. yay 99 workouts!!! awesome 🙂

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