Ashley’s State Fair Food Wish List 2012

The Minnesota State Fair is one of our must-do activities each summer. Our primary goal is to find all of the wacky foods on our list.  With over 450 different foods and more than 60 of them on a stick, it’s one big artery-clogging haven for gluttony.


On Sunday, we’re going to join the nearly 2 million other visitors at the State Fair. After the food, the  2nd most fun part about the fair is the people-watching. Some seriously interesting people come out of the woodwork to gawk at farm animals and ride the tilt-a-whirl every year. We have a WHOLE DAY to play this year…normally we go on a weekday evening and barely have enough time to find our deep fried goodness before things start to shut down. I fully intend on rides, swine barns, music, beer, and a sunburn this time around! But this post is about food, so I digress…

The Minnesota State Fair website has a handy dandy little “Food Finder” tool that helps nerds like me figure out what they want in advance. Every year, I pick out some funky new foods I want to try. Here are my choices…I’ll have to do a follow-up post and let you know if my belly was big enough to fit all of this stuff.


Fair Food #1: Gluten Free Risotto Poppers from French Meadow Bakery & Café.

–       Located on Carnes Ave. & Underwood St., across from WCCO Radio

Fair Food #2: Porcupine Meatballs on a Stick from Giggles Campfire Grill (pork meatballs with wild rice)

–       Located at Cooper St. & Lee Ave. in The North Woods

Fair Food #3: Eggplant Caramelos (tacos) from Sonora Grill

–       Located at Midtown Global Market inside the Bazaar, east wall

Fair Food #4: Bruschetta Bites from MN Wine Country

–       Located on the West side of Underwood between Carnes and Judson


Fair Food #5: Sweeties Delight (Mashed Sweet Potatoes on a Stick) from Potato Man and Sweetie

–       Located on the West side of Liggett, south of the Midway


Fair Food #6: Red Velvet Funnel Cake from Smoothies & Jurassic

–       Located on Murphy Ave. across from Pet Center



These are foods that we have tried before, but are so insanely good we absolutely CANNOT leave without eating them. It would be a crime.

–       Sweet Martha’s Cookies: a huge bucket of them. They are so soft and greasy. I guarantee my husband will have eaten at least half the bucket before we get home. Located on the South side of Carnes between Nelson and Underwood

–       Grilled Corn on the Cob: Located on the southeast corner of Nelson and Dan Patch

–       Pulled Turkey Sandwich from Turkey to Go. OHMYGOODNESS. If I could eat only one fair food item, this would be it. I don’t know if it’s marinated in a bucket of butter or what, but it sure tastes like it. Juicy, delicious turkey. Mmmmmm…Located on the East side of Clough between Judson and Carnes.


What are YOUR favorite fair foods?  Are there any that are not on my list that I should really try this year? Am I going to have a coronary before I get home on Sunday?

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One thought on “Ashley’s State Fair Food Wish List 2012

  1. Rachel

    You no longer have to waste stomach space at Turkey to go! I loooove the place, but they have a permanent location down town now so it’s no longer just for the fair!

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