Mike’s Workout

I was feeling anti-gym after work yesterday for some reason.  I knew that I had a loooooong run planned for today, so I was definitely going to lay off any leg exercises. Time for some upper body action. But watching “Opening Act” on E! was sooooo much more entertaining than watching Tony Horton lift 50 lb dumbbells for the 397350th time.

P.S. – has anyone seen that show? I think that was the first time I have EVER turned our TV to the E! station, but I loved the concept of the show…making dreams come true, one Youtube sensation at a time. Thanks E!.

Anyway, the hubs has created his own “everything” workout that consists of chest, back, shoulders, biceps, triceps and abs (well, almost everything). Perfect TV workout. Let’s go.

24 total sets. Do 8-15 reps per set. For the ab workouts, do 25 reps per set.

Click on the links for instructions on specific exercises….or a general idea if I couldn’t find the exact exercise 😉


1. Standard Pushups
2. Wide Grip Pull-Ups
3. Seated Shoulder Press
4. Seated Curls
5. Leaning Tricep Extensions
6. Cross-Body Scissor Crunches

7. Military Push-Ups
8. Standard Pull-Ups
9. In and Out Shoulder Flys
10. Full Supination Curls
11. Lying down Tricep Extensions
12. Row the Boat

13. Wide Push-Ups
14. Chin-Ups
15. Pike Press
16. In and Out Bicep Curls
17. Reverse Push-Ups
18. Oblique V-Ups

19. Diamond Push-Ups
20. Close Grip Pull-Ups
21. Deep Swimmers Press
22. Crazy 8’s
23. Overhead Tricep Extensions
24. Roll V-Holds


What do you think? Do you have a favorite routine for when the workout vids just won’t cut it?

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