Fitness Friday 9/14

A recap of this week’s efforts to maintain a strong, healthy body…


Warrior Dash!  This was the first “mud run” event I have ever done. How FUN! I love getting dirty – it makes me feel like a little kid again.


Owwwwww….I feel dumb. I had decided to do the Warrior Dash in my Vibrams to avoid squishy, sloppy running shoes and to help me climb through the obstacles more easily. It worked like magic, but when I woke up on Sunday I could hardly walk. My calves were like bricks and I felt like I may have created a stress fracture in my foot. Nice going, Ashley. No exercise for me. I even had to call in injured to work!


We had suite tickets to the Twins game and….get this…they actually WON the game. Yes, really. It’s a miracle. The suites at Target Field are amazing. I’ve been in suites at many a sporting event, but this was over the top nice. There is even a private elevator that takes you to the suite level and an attendant to press the button for you. Thank goodness, because I don’t know if my dainty fingers could have managed. We noshed on free junk food, drank Bud Light, and were able to watch the US Open final, an NFL game, and the Twins game all at the same time.


my legs and feet were still definitely not up to par, so I decided to do an intense upper body workout instead. I did P90x Shoulders & Arms, combined with 6 sets of pushups (140 total)


Sushi happy hour for a friend’s birthday at Fujiya in uptown…that lasted until 9pm. Oops, no workout today!


I was feeling super sluggish since I hadn’t done anything cardio-related in almost a week. I’m still nursing this stress fracture/deep bruise/whatever the heck is wrong with my foot, so I’m trying to avoid running for a while. Instead, I went to the gym and did about 7 miles on the stationary bike and 25 minutes on the stair mill, followed up with 160 pushups. This 100 Pushups android app is sure deceiving. Um, app people? 160 > 100. I’m sure you are aware of this. How many more is it going to make me do!? I promise, you will not catch me doing 500 pushups a day.



Happy weekend, friends!


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