YWCA Women’s Triathlon


I have been a bad blogger lately. Life is busy…what can you do? Post your race recaps months after you complete them? Ok, deal.


The YWCA Women’s Triathlon on August 12th was a random, last minute decision on my part. I literally registered on the VERY FINAL day that they were accepting registrations. Needless to say, I hadn’t been doing much biking or swimming at all since my first triathlon in June. But what the heck. I’m not out to break any records.


It was about 65 degrees and drizzly that morning, which is actually pretty awesome for the athletes. However, I did feel bad for all of the shivering spectators who had to stand outside and wait for their loved ones to cross the finish line (sorry hunny).


Swim: 13:06

As I may have mentioned once or twice (or a dozen times), I am not the best swimmer out there. I did my best to keep my head down as much as possible during the 500 yard swim and to not get kicked in the face. I’d like to look into getting some swim coaching this winter…if anyone is familiar with a good program in the Twin Cities, hit me up!


T1: 2:44

It was quite a long transition from the beach to the bikes. Plus, my bike rack was in the very back corner of the parking lot. ugh. I wiped off my sandy feet and threw on my socks and bike shoes…helmet, check. Sunglasses, check. Go!


Bike: 48:51

I think this bike course was the flattest 15 ½ miles I have ever ridden in my life. AWESOME. I was only passed a couple of times by some pretty badass looking chicks, but most of the ride I was doing the passing (yay!). The bike definitely continues to be my strong suit, and I stayed over 19mph throughout the whole leg.

T2: :53

Helmet off, bike shoes off, running shoes on and go. Speedy Gonzales….zoom


Run: 27:37

Well hello, brick legs!  The run took us around Lake Nokomis and was a nice flat course. There were plenty of spectators cheering on the participants, which is always my favorite part about these events. I was a little disappointed with my time on the run; as I know I’m capable of a sub-26 minute 5k…guess it just wasn’t my day.

I crossed the finish line for a final time of 1:33:09 and came in 179th out of 967 athletes overall.


This was a super fun and laid-back event. There were several hundred first-time triathletes who participated, so it is very beginner-friendly. I may or may not do this one again next year…However, I would highly recommend it to anyone (females only, sorry guys) who has thought about doing a Tri but feels intimidated about being a first-timer. It is a well-supported race throughout and there are ton of people who participate with the goal of just finishing and having fun.

Why do you race? Is it to keep you motivated and on track?  Just for fun? Or to consistently challenge yourself?

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