Healthier Alternatives to your Coffee Shop Obsession

News flash: I am a coffee FREAK. And one of the vices I just can’t seem to break is that I love it laden with sugar and cream. Although I’ve limited myself to just one Caribou Coffee run per week, I have also learned that there are several lower-calorie options for those of us that just can’t lay off the caffeine.

The next time you’re at the coffee shop register, try one of these alternatives instead:

You Love: Frappucinos
Then try this: Order an iced coffee with a sugar free flavor. Most coffee shops have at least 3 or 4 sugar free flavors such as vanilla, hazelnut, caramel, etc. Also, ask for it without whipped cream and chocolate on top and save yourself about 100 calories!

You Love: Mochas and their creamy, chocolat-y goodness
Then try this: There’s really no getting around this one, as a mocha has got to contain chocolate. But you can reduce the calorie count by ordering it with skim milk, no whip, and a sugar free flavor. And you know how there’s always extra chocolate at the bottom of the cup? Order it with ½ the amount of chocolate – you probably won’t even notice the difference, but the scale will.

You Love: Lattes and/or Cappuccinos
Then try this: These are not quite as bad as the two above options, as they contain just espresso and steamed milk. Ask for it with skim or soy milk instead and save up to 10 grams of saturated fat and 100 calories.

You Love: Chai Tea Lattes
Then try this: Chai Lattes contain whole milk and honey. Reduce calories and fat by ordering it with skim or soy. Or better yet, try green or black tea instead for a boost of antioxidants.

You Love: Coffee with cream and sugar
Then try this: Coffee doesn’t have to be all bad, even for those of us with a sweet tooth. Add a dash of skim milk and a packet of Truvia/Stevia to your daily brew, and you’ll only take in a negligible number of calories. Bonus: a cup of coffee 1-2 hours before exercise has been shown to increase performance!


What other coffee shop hacks am I missing?  Let me know in the comments below!

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