After Dinner Coffee-Cube Cocktail

coffee cube cocktail


I’m officially getting old. After a big family meal where overeating is inevitable, I could really use a nap. I’m finally beginning to understand why old people always need a cup of coffee after dinner to level themselves back out (or at least stay awake long enough to eat dessert).

Personally, I’m a bigger fan of the after-dinner drink. Just ask my friends about my go-to “banana Russian”. It’s life-changing, I promise. But for those days when you just need a little caffeine boost after dinner, I bring you the coffee-cube cocktail.

The prep work: make a pot of coffee and pour it into ice cube trays. It should fill about 2 trays. I used Dunkin’ Donuts French vanilla. Because, well, it’s the bomb.

Wait for your freezer to do it’s magic.

After dinner, put 4-5 cubes in your glass and add the following:

–          1 ½ oz Cake flavored vodka

–          1 ½ oz Kahlua

–          2 oz Bailey’s


I suppose the proper name for this might be a “coffee-cube cake butterfly”, but that doesn’t roll off the tongue very well.  If it sounds a little dangerous, you could always sub out the Bailey’s for milk. But then it would be called a “coffee-cube cake Russian”.

Call it whatever you want. I call it delicious.


Bonus: Unlike ice cubes that water down your drink as they melt, the coffee cubes just make it taste better! Enjoy!

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3 thoughts on “After Dinner Coffee-Cube Cocktail

  1. What a great idea! I’m so trying this!

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