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I recently joined a community of like-minded people called Healthy sELF. This group primarily consists of an ongoing newsletter  that outlines various weekly wellness challenges that we can do to improve our happiness, diets, fitness, and overall wellness. One of the goals this week was to make a list of 20 things we’re thankful for. As cheesy as it may sound, I think it’s important that we all take a step back to recognize these things on a regular basis, to keep our challenges in perspective and remind ourselves how special life really is.  So needless to say, I took them up on this little challenge.

P.S. – Anyone can join the Healthy sELF community. Just click here to get involved.


In no particular order, I am most grateful for the following:

  1. My Family – I’m so blessed to have such wonderful families. Without my parents, there would be no me…so first and foremost I’m thankful for them. My parents have given me so much more than I can even begin to thank them for. It’s because of their love and support that I’m the person I am today. I’m also so happy to have come from a large extended family – lots of cousins, aunts and uncles make family gatherings both lively and interesting. And of course, the in-laws. I gained 3 sisters and 4 more parents last year!
  2.  My Husband – what can I say about the hubs? He’s intelligent, sweet, giving, super sexy…and he doesn’t even mind doing the dishes. Basically I’m the luckiest girl EVER.
  3.  My Friends – My friends are my lifelong companions. They bring flavor and laughter to my world. They are quirky and unique and I wouldn’t trade them for anything.
  4. My Health – I have been blessed with great health thus far. Aside from a couple of crackly knees, I have never had any health concerns to speak of. I try to take care of my body so that it will take care of me.

  5.  My Home – I have a roof over my head that is safe and warm, and I own it (well, I guess the bank technically owns most of it). It may be modest and have 60 year-old windows, but we absolutely LOVE our cozy home.
  6.  My Job – That place that I go to every Monday-Friday that pays me to use my mind and creativity, allows me to write, and lets me bounce ideas around with most of the coolest companies in the Twin Cities? I’m thankful I get paid for such a cool gig.
  7. My Pets – My furry family. The best kind of unconditional love. With 2 cats, a goofball Doberman, and a ball python, I may be one of the most animal-loving people you’ll ever meet.
  8. My Mistakes – They help me learn and grow in life. My mistakes have taught me so much and allow me to continually strive to become a better person.
  9. Food – Obviously, I’m thankful for food for the physiological reasons. But food to me is more than that – being able to experience and cook new and exciting food is one of my favorite things in life.
  10. Love – I have so much love in my world. Knowing that there are so many whom I love and who love me back…let’s just stay it warms my heart and I am thankful for it daily.
  11. Experiences – good and bad, they shape my personality and make me unique.
  12. Life’s challenges – Like anyone, I have certainly had my share of them. But life goes on. The challenges I’ve endured have undoubtedly helped me to grow as a person and become stronger than I was before.
  13. Coffee – Yes, really. It gets me through the morning. And my weekly caramel latte takes me to my happy place.
  14. Ambition – My primary goal in life is to never stop learning. I am grateful for my inability to become complacent. I aim to continually evolve and learn new things that contribute to my overall happiness.
  15. Technology – It allows me to stay connected with friends I have met through different journeys all around the world. It also makes learning so much simpler. How did we ever find anything out before you could just Google the answer?
  16. Education – In the US, I think we all take for granted the fact that we are essentially “forced” to receive an education. We are so lucky that it is available to us. I feel so incredibly grateful that I was able to get a high school diploma, a bachelor’s degree, and a master’s degree. Especially because so many around the world can’t even receive an education beyond grade school.
  17. Hobbies – Hobbies are my fun zone. And we all need fun in our lives. Snowboarding, traveling, writing, dancing, singing…it’s these little things that bring flavor to life.
  18. The seasons – I am so thankful that I live and grew up in Minnesota. Yeah, our winters can be pretty harsh and tend to last about 3 months too long. But in the end, I’d much rather experience the extremes of all 4 seasons – I love the variety and the shift in mood that the changing seasons bring every year.
  19. Music – I can’t even imagine a world without music. It lifts my spirits when I’m having a bad day, and pumps me up when I need the motivation to run another mile. The right tunes even bring back memories that are buried in the back of my consciousness. This makes me happy.
  20. Travel – I have this intrinsic fascination with culture. I am so incredibly fortunate that I have been able to travel the world and experience so much thus far. The world is an amazingly fascinating place and I look forward to exploring as much of it as possible.


What are YOU most thankful for?

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