About Me

My name is Ashley and I”m from Minnesota. I live in Minneapolis with my handsome husband, blue doberman, two cats, and a ball python.

I love to eat, and I really love to take pictures of these scrumtious goodies. I’m often asked for the recipes we create, so I thought this blog could be a nice vehicle to help share more yummy-ness with the world.

I am also a fitness fanatic. There’s something about a good sweat session that just makes me feel AWESOME. Masochistic?  No, not quite. But I do love waking up with achy muscles. I keep things interesting with lifting, yoga, running, biking, OrangeTheory Fitness, etc. I have also recently entered the triathlon world, and hope to do more and continue improving. Maybe this blog can serve as a motivational tool for others, if not just as my own fitness journal.

Finally, I have a serious passion for world travel. I’ve visited almost 20 countries thus far and can’t get enough of different cultures, languages and landscapes. This goes hand in hand with my food obsession, and I get a kick out of trying unique grub. We live on an amazing planet filled with incredibly interesting people, animals, plants, ideologies, and ways of life… and I don’t ever plan to stop exploring.

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